Animated Abstractions - Jeanne Wilkinson







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About the Artist

Formerly an abstract painter, JEANNE WILKINSON now works digitally. As an homage to her earlier paintings, she has produced a number of animations that take details or entire compositions and put them through various digital processes. In essence, they come alive to move and dance, as if the painting is having a dream of itself. 

Jeanne is an artist and writer living in Brooklyn. her essays have been broadcast on NPR's 'Living on Earth' and on 'The Leonard Lopate Show.' She currently has a short fictional humorous piece on Columbia Journal's online magazine and a poem which will be featured in the next issue of Foundling Review. Her digital artwork has been featured in 'The Adirondack Review' and 'Five:2:One' online. Her experimental videos have been screened at the Greenpoint and New York Independent Film Festivals.