Parallel Paradise - Olivia Lin DeLuca

Parallel Paradise - Olivia Lin DeLuca

I experience a phase of pure bliss I longed for.  Penetrating another dimension in the time space continuum, I grab a hold of something divine.  In admiration of our raw mortal universe, I carve out shadows of time that intersect streams as death chases after me.  Its wraith trails me pushing me towards the edge of a cliff.  I rush to that crossover where one world collides with another, angels ward off demons, and I fill the void with my wants and needs.  A reverent essence exists in that of impermanence, non-self, and enlightenment.  Such interconnectedness illuminates the webbings of the universe.  A paradigm aligns with what subsists inside my mind.  My consciousness observes myriads of blooming lotuses as they descend, opening into the magic of nirvana.



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About the Author

OLIVIA LIN DELUCA is a first-generation American Taiwanese Buddhist. She holds a BA degree in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University. Olivia’s work has appeared in various literary magazines, including The Furious Gazelle, Yellow Chair Review, Blue Bonnet Review, bluestockings magazine, aaduna, and Five 2 One Magazine.

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