Being Called Abnormal at Age 11 for Having an Imagination on a Summer Day in the Backyard at 17th Avenue South - Coley Zwolinski


We dressed ourselves in sundresses from the seventies with a wild floral print

they finally fit this time


we tied the strings up tight behind our necks and felt beautiful spinning like red and blue tornados in Richfield.


out the sliding door and over the deck where the bunnies hid we stepped

on to the cool grass


solid as granite and yet it tickled our feet like silk

a hot breath wraps around our necks and our cascading hair gets

plastered to our young skin


a roar in the sky passes like a pendulum and announces

the arrival or departure

with a shadow the size of 

pinnochio’s blue whale


we climb giggling onto grandpa’s hammock were he spends his afternoons recuperating from morning golf between the pages of a book and his eyelids


it rocks and tips and then swings from side to side like the branches of the

weeping willow on great-grandpa’s creek, we scream and giggle


the neighbor boy peers through the tall fence and explains to his friend

“they are abnormal”





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About the Author

COLEY ZWOLINSKI earned a BA in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry and Mass Communications – Journalism. Zwolinski is always learning and continues to take courses at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. In 2011, she attended the Mississippi River Creative Writing Workshop at St. Cloud State University. Zwolinski’s favorite course at The Loft was Writing through Photographs with Brad Zellar. Zwolinski has had a few short short plays performed live. In addition to plays, Zwolinski has had numerous poems selected for live readings. Her work has appeared in Firewords Quarterly, Flash Fiction Magazine, Bare Hands Issue 20 and NEAT.

You can also find her here: @Spooninski