The Static Between the Puppet and Marionette - Caty Lee

The Static Between the Puppet and Marionette - Caty Lee

Silk pajamas &

Punctured blood vessels

Donating plasma again.

(A puppet is free,

Provided he offers

His strings)

What’s fluid exchange 

Between friends except 

Veins popping from the neck, issuing

Everything is already dead

And robbed of stem cells without 

Evoking parallels between 

Mr. Rogers & Late capitalist

Evenings joy-riding 

The contrast solution.

It’s against my dignity

As a pull string doll 

To accept another 

Ideology straining 

Its neck the way 

You strain yours now.


A name is a sickness

W/ its hand stuffed in guts

Claiming baggage, distance,

And structures behind 

No-touch velvet ropes

Operating the bottom jaw

For money, cranking

A jack-in-the-box,

& other illegal forms 

Of mathematics

(a directional mic)


On a boom arm appearing

Stage left, 

Our prior theories

Losing fluid, at least


Attending to

Shoulder shrugs

Via wire rope 


About the Author

CATY LEE enjoys writing about the mysteries of consciousness, the personal pronoun "I", and free will.

When not reading or writing, she enjoys playing classical guitar and riding bicycles.

You can also find her here: