On Losing Words / "We don't do death..." - Betsy Fuchs

On Losing Words / "We don't do death..." - Betsy Fuchs

On Losing Words

How can an aging poet make poetry

when she can’t remember

the special words

that combine with precision

to make beauty and tell her aging truths.

The young

find new words

and make poetry

fresh and fragile as their new found truths.

The old ones lose words

they tumble away day by day.

Still we make poetry

simple as our few remaining truths. 

“We don’t do death like some don’t do windows”  

I replied when asked 

“How do you feel about Connolly’s death”


three deaths in one year

my mother’s  father, sister, brother 

(my grandfather,  my aunt, my uncle)


Dutifully - we go through the motions

Calmly - we stuff our emotions

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About the Author

BETSY FUCHS is 74 years old and she will tell you she looks and feels her age. 

She has been keeping journals for 60 years and writing poetry on-and-off since her first poem, written at age 19, which began: Alone in a room an emptiness…

Fortunately, her life has gotten much better. These days Betsy is working on a memoir titled My Life as A Serial Monogamist. Her work is accompanied by photographs, some recent and some from family’s archives.

You can also find her here: http://betsywblog.blogspot.comhttp://BetsysPrayers.com