Green / Past Life - Empress (Renee Aupont)

Green / Past Life - Empress (Renee Aupont)


I love the color green

It reminds me of life

How the leaves just flow with every blow of the wind

How they turn and die every spring

It comes in every shape and depth

I get lost in the dimensions of green

Forest green

Lime green

Pea green

Jade green

Spring green

Sage green

Moss green

Sea green

Lawn green

295 shades of green

None competes with one another

Life lives in green

Past Life

When I was a little girl

I always wished I was a bird

Perched on a tree—

Always wondered who taught them how to fly or sing.

I would sit outside and mimic every sound

I never realized I was conversing with god

Maybe in my past life I was a bird

I soared—

Proud wing span I traveled the seven seas

High in the skies

I conversed with god

I was never chained or bounded to a world I did not create

I never lived in a world where dreams weren't promised

I could never be tied down - I lived in divinity

When I was a little girl I was grounded - deeply rooted to a world I couldn't see

I couldn't articulate it but it roamed through my veins

I sat in silence and listened—

Listened to the stories of my past life when I once was a bird.


About the Author

Empress (Renee Aupont) is an up-and-coming poet and artist. She was born in Haiti, but raised in New York. She has relocated to Arizona for a new perspective of life, allowing her to return to her creative side.

With a background in social work and psychology, her ultimate goal in life is to touch hearts and plant seeds with everyone who encounters her work.