For Your Better-ness - Sydney Wyborne

For Your Better-ness - Sydney Wyborne

When I was younger I owned a whole village

of Care Bears

my grandmothers gifted me 

a stained yellow Funshine bear 

with a happy sun sew on its belly


my mother’s friend pulled up in a beater car

-or was it mother with dark hair?-

she had rehab on her face

or should I say something-spiritual

on the belly of the bear she gave me

was a cloud and wishing stars 

wishing wishing wishing wish I had…

the curly ribbons tied a noose 

around its neck


I don’t talk about these times

as they are no longer part of me

a stranger in memory in sunny bandanas


I don’t cry at therapy

so the doctor gives me a lab-slip

to check my levels

and call me next week


I walk home and spit curses at the barking dog

yapping behind the window across the street

oh shut the hell up!


unfortunately he showed no signs of receiving

my aimed vindication



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About the Author

SYDNEY WYBORNE has often been described as strange. Living in Bellevue, WA she takes classes at the community college. On the weekends she travels to Seattle to be taught by Pacific Northwest leader: David Wagoner. 

Currently Sydney is studying to major in English, but expresses herself across many avenues. She works in mixed media, photography, videography, audio, and other arts. Creativity strikes in many forms, for poet Sydney Wyborne.