Rulebook - Zoe Maynard

Rulebook - Zoe Maynard

I do not admire the rulebook
of damnation that
holds the key to
our wandering eyes before
our eyes roll
and roll
off the page
that you’re on.

Someone soon took
the final leaf out of the
old, decaying book
that had tear marks over
the pages

            scribbled lines and
twisted fates, we conform.

Should one burn the
pages that foretell the fate
that lies ahead in the
dampened sands?

Or do we simply bury
our heads in it all?




About the Author

ZOE MAYNARD is a current UK student studying English at the University of Northampton.

Her poetry has been featured in The Poeteer: A 21st Century Poetry Publication, Midnight Circus Literary Magazine, Les Rêves des Notre Ours and Indiana Voice Journal. 

Her work is forthcoming in an anthology about social injustice.