Life Crisis - Gray Clark

Life Crisis - Gray Clark

lean in to a glass of timber.
   a pool of evergreen.
a mouth full of gin.
   lean into the bar.
tell the guy behind it that
   everyone you ever loved was a piece of shit.
have your life crisis the best you can.
   don’t give up.
lean into the impending death.
   a life of regret.
a glass of gin.
   two quarters but the juke box only takes cards.
scream the words to a song everyone from generation X knows.
   lean into the man next to you.
say everyone who have ever loved is a piece of shit.
   a pile of bricks.
a place to lay your demons on.
   spit a little gin on the man’s face because you are too close.
it smells like a fist full of winter.
   a swallow of forest.
a mouth full of gin.
  lean into that feeling.
lean into the fire your ex-wife started.
  I’m sure your cologne will catch.
I’m sure your hairspray will catch.
   I’m sure the mouth full of gin will catch.
lean in.
   say everyone you ever loved was a piece of shit.
lean in.
   it’d be an accident if you drowned.
a God damn miracle if you burned. 



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About the Author

GRAY CLARK is a dog-walking poet who has previously been published in Heartbeat Literary Journal. They live in Columbus, Ohio where they are currently an adult student working on their undergrad in fine art . Gray curates a monthly poetry show and workshop to create space for marginalized people. 

Twitter - @graypclark