Prophet - Sarah Jennings

Prophet - Sarah Jennings

I speak to God in public

And in the covers of my bed

I walk barefoot on city sidewalks

And sing gospel that the churches

Haven’t heard

I break bread with killers and addicts

I break cuffs with Dillard and Chavez


I speak to God with a mouth full of food

And look for him under you

And you

And you

I lose count of blurry faces

Empty spaces


I look for God in lost memories

I find flower dresses

Full moons

I once thought I found him in a bowl of alphabet soup

So I ate word salad until I was sick

I sing to God at the prick of a needle

And spit him out into open wounds

He isn’t in my closet

Or my breath

He left


I speak to myself in public



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About the Author

SARAH JENNINGS is a writer, student of Sanskrit and religion, and yoga teacher native to North Carolina. She mainly writes poetry and short stories, and enjoys writing interdisciplinary pieces that question culture and status quo.

The poem "Prophet" is a commentary on schizophrenia, and is dedicated to her cousin who struggles with the mental illness every day.

You can also find her here:

Instagram - sarahjennyoga