i love drinking - Haley Ohlund

i love drinking - Haley Ohlund





i love drinking

early in the morning.

a glass 1/4 full of vanilla perfume

and 3/4 contact solution.

always chased by a bottle of whispers

with a dash of tension.

stirred, not shaken,

with a tarnished car key.


i love drinking

at 12 pm.

after staring at white papers

and white computer screens,

i blend 7 dollars with

the glass that covered my

qwerty keyboard.

the letters s and h sometimes

getting caught between my teeth. 


i love drinking


when the skylight has diminished.

i’ll pour myself a nightcap,

a rugged drink of

lint and loose strands of hair.

a dash of flakey mascara and

strawberry shampoo around the rim.

on tough nights, i’ll warm it up

under my dogs breath.


 it’s no wonder


that with my cocktail,

i may seem unhinged

or half-baked.

but i’m nothing if not a

good host.

so sit down,

and let me make you a drink.



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About the Author

HALEY OHLUND was born in Pittsburgh, PA.

She is currently a student at George Washington University with a major in Political Communication.