Sunny Friday at 4:00 PM - Brittany DiGiacomo

Sunny Friday at 4:00 PM - Brittany DiGiacomo

A lung has escaped my body.

I’d been walking down the street when

it emerged right out of my chest.

The left one. Not the right - the smaller one that keeps room for my heart.

It’s no longer in me but out. 


Not at all fleshy or muscular, but more 

like something boiled for far too long.

Painfully hot;

liquid lung trickling down my leg, 

swelling over the edge of my sneaker,

splatting like blob on the sidewalk.   


I know inflations ultimately burst

and everything good ends at midnight. 

But I always thought when a lung fled the body,

it’d be held tightly in the hands of others.  



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About the Author

BRITTANY DIGIACOMO holds a BS in English Literature from Mercy College and a MFA in Creative Writing from Manhattanville College, where she served as production editor of “The Manhattanville Review.” She maintains a blog at, where she writes about everything from witch-hunts to Hemingway. Most weekends you will find her gallivanting around the tristate area styling hair for brides.