Family Portrait - Carol Carpenter

Family Portrait - Carol Carpenter

There is a beautiful woman

in my childhood photographs

tall, slender, raven hair

drop dead gorgeous

like a movie star

Betty Grable or young 

Barbara Stanwyck 

before Big Valley.


She smiles at the photographer

while holding my brothers or me

on her lap or propped up

on the arm of a Naugahyde chair

she is in love with the man

behind the camera who will

die much too soon and

break her heart.


The talented photographer

who leaves behind 

a tortured

blue eyed daughter

two freckled faced and angry sons

and a pig tailed girl 

with sad green eyes

on the tip

of adolescence

who looks 

absolutely nothing

like her mother.



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About the Author

CAROL CARPENTER is a writer and photographer living in northwest Missouri with her man and three cats. A refugee from Michigan and Nebraska, Carpenter has been described as “one of poetry’s feisty women.” Carpenter received a B.S. in English from Peru State College in 2010.

Her work has been published in Fine Lines, Your Country Neighbor, The Lincoln Underground, Plains Song Review and Missouri Life.