The Mystery of Blue / The Reinvention of Language - Paul Ilechko

The Mystery of Blue / The Reinvention of Language - Paul Ilechko

The Mystery of Blue

Do you remember how to distinguish between 

cerulean and azure? One of these must clearly

describe the color of light reflecting from a tall

glass building on a sunny day — cloudless, perhaps, 


or at least with only a scattering of fattened, 

drifting cumulus cotton balls, pregnant with the

possibility of rain, heavy with their mass of vapor.

A lowering sky, balanced between the city and the 


heavens.  And as you stand, somewhere between

the shadows of those clouds, and the shadow 

cast by the towering walls of glass, you begin, at

last, to understand the depths and mystery of blue.

The Reinvention of Language

The time of silence was ended with the crashing sound

of shattering glass. We thought that we had forgotten how

to speak, our tongues apparently stitched in place, unmoving. 


But now, the babble is unleashed. A rising tide, an echoing

of nonsense sounds, of meaningless syllables that approximate

the words of anger and dismay, of primitive communications. 


Soon, all this will settle, and from this swirling morass of savagery

a new language will emerge. Once again we will be able to

discuss, to argue, to lecture; on art, or science, or even poetry.






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About the Author

PAUL ILECHKO was born in England but has lived in the U.S. for the majority of his life. He currently lives in Lambertville, NJ with his girlfriend and a cat. Paul has had poetry published recently by Dash Literary Journal, Gravel Magazine, Full of Crow, MockingHeart Review and Slag Review, among others.