Tues Morn / Irreverent Y - Shareen K. Murayama

Tues Morn

i threw a big dinner party

w chicken bones on

plates in the sink leftovers.

i slept w a girl w short hair

who loaned me her art

for tues wed n thursday.

but i didnt see thm.

i was trying to explain,

whn the sound of wheels

of my husband's suitcase rolled

down the hallway.

i wanted to hide the beautiful

girl w short hair.

Irreverent Y

On the occasion of my partner C’s autopsy


They cut you from each shoulder joint

to the middle of your chest

where my head would vibrate to your deep, deep voice:

  a sighing of a hundred bees

beneath a white cotton sheet





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About the Author

SHAREEN K. MURAYAMA received a Master's in creative writing at OSU Cascades. Her poems have been published in Bamboo Ridge, The Gambler Mag, Toegood Poetry, Phoebe and Inter|rupture. She’s the recipient of the NEH Asian American Film and Literature in NY & Spring Creek Project Collaborative Retreat.

You can find her stalking her #poetcrushes @AmBusyPoeming, unless, she's uhm, you know, po-eming.