Lies in the Dark / Moon's Truth / Tidal Love - Jessica Simpkiss


Lies in the Dark

The taste of their sin still lingered on her lips, his scent still etched into her skin

In the shadow and safety of their late night love affair, he whispered words that squeezed her soul 

There would be a price to pay in the end, and the currency would be her pain

Lie to me again, she begged

And so he told her that he loved her

And it was the most beautiful lie he had ever told

Moon's Truth

We laid silent, sweat-stained skin pressed against the others as we listened to the rain fall above our whirling heads.  Upon my grand exit, my love-struck eyes were greeted by the sight of the yellow-Cheshire moon hanging over the dew-rinsed meadow.  Always such a beautiful sight to end our love-crazed nights; I stood in awe of the passion of the evening.  Memorized by its beauty, I almost missed the sound the gun made.  I turned as the pain struck my back to see blond hair in a tangled twirl; my last earthly memory, the moon’s grin upon my sinful ways.

Tidal Love

His love for her was like the tide 

A constant ebb and flow 

Powered by the controlling moon

So jealous of their love, the heavenly body never let them touch too long 

But sometimes when the moon loomed heavy in the midnight sky, his wave embraced her long enough for him to whisper his love for her

In the salt that splashed against his skin 





About the Author

JESSICA SIMPKISS lives and works in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her four-year-old daughter. She has a degree in Art History from George Mason University. While she has always loved writing, she is returning to the art form after a ten-year hiatus, in hopes of finding her voice again.