Don't Go Vinyl on Me / It's Hard / Too Much to Drink? - J. H. Johns


Don't Go Vinyl on Me

You sound like a broken record,

saying the same things every day,

so, now- 




let me put it another way-


whatever you do, make sure you


“…don’t go vinyl on me…”

It's Hard

It’s hard to have

city street-smarts


when you grow up

in the country


on a dirt road.

Too Much to Drink?

If you scribble

something down-


a thought, an idea-

an insight-


when you’ve had

too much to drink;


will the indecipherable script

that you try-

but can’t-

read when you’re sober,


suddenly become

“clear as day”


when you try again

after having


too much to drink?





About the Author

J. H. JOHNS “grew up and came of age” while living in East Tennessee and Middle Georgia. Specifically, the two places “responsible” for the writer that he has become are Knoxville, TN and Milledgeville, GA. 
Since then, he has moved on to Chicago- for a brief stint- and New York City- for a significantly longer stay. Currently, he is “holed up” in a small town where when he is not writing, he tends to his “nature preserve” and his “back forty.” His goal is to surround his house with all sorts of vegetation so as to obscure it from the gaze of the “locals.” He is assisted in this task by his coonhound buddy and companion, Roma. 

Most recently, J. H. Johns has appeared in The Bitchin’ Kitsch; Parody Poetry (2); Syndic Literary Journal (8); Ygdrasil (Canada); The Poetry Super Highway E-Book (Chapbook) Free-For-All; The Rain; Party & Disaster Society; Poetry Super Highway (2); Pour Vida Zine; The Potomac (2); Foam:e (Australia); Literary Juice; The Lost Coast Review; Syndic Literary Journal- Publisher’s Favorites; FishFood Magazine; ken*again; The East Coast Literary Review; Exercise Bowler; Four and Twenty; Commonline; Danse Macabre Du Jour (2); The West Wind Review; Smokebox; Word Slaw; Wizards of the Wind; Alura; and is forthcoming in Torrid Literature Journal and The Five-Two.