Lincoln Logs / Wrinkles - Ricky Garni


 Lincoln Logs

People often ask: “Who would you like to be in a little skiff with?”


I always say: “Abraham Lincoln.”


Although he is so tall that we might capsize.


Especially if he stands up in the boat to point 

at a loon or egret on the shore saying:


Lookie Yonder!


He is so thin.


He is so thin and sad.


He is so thin and sad I could probably pull him 

to shore on my back but no one would ask for 

his autograph because wet, he would be 

almost unrecognizable.


They might applaud me for saving 

a tall, thin man from drowning.


And marvel at my ability 

to speak fluent Spanish.


When old people talk about wrinkles, I think of all the wrinkles in my house -

the sofa, the dish towels, the hampers, the shirts, the pants, the Shar Pei, the

reruns, my will, my wine, my letters, my promises, the ocean dreams, 

the butterflies inside, the lightning outside, a storm...







About the Author

RICKY GARNI was born and raised in Miami and Maine. He is a graphic designer by day, and a music writer by night. His work is widely available in print, on the web and in a number of anthologies, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on five occasions. Some of his recent titles include: THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, MAYBE WAVY, THE SEA OF KICKING LEGS and JIGGLE FEST. THE PINKY EMBRACE, a collection of short pieces, will be released in August, 2015. Garni has lived in North Carolina since 1987.