Four Poems of Madness Painted / Blind Faith / Job Back-Talking - Rose Knapp


Four Poems of Madness Painted

Blind Faith


I am

I am who?

I am who I…

I am who I am?

What’s the point of a tautology?

Logical consistency says nothing of true theology

Laws of identity proving the pathetically painfully obvious

Job Back-Talking

Know your place hungry Human, for I am The Creator of Heaven and Earth

For I created your puny universe, all universes, all possible universes

For I created your tiny galaxy, all possible galaxies

For I created your vast space, your spinning sun

I created your wobbly world, among others

Your forests, leviathans, deserts, oceans

Crops, Food, homes, even You

What more do You want?

Bow down to me now

One Word: Abuser

One only-






About the Author

ROSE KNAPP is a recent college graduate with degrees in philosophy and literature. She has an experimental novel forthcoming and various poetry publications in Commonline Journal, Blue Lake Review, Poetry Pacific Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Shot Glass Journal, Chicago Literati, and many others. 

She currently divides her time between Brooklyn and Minneapolis.

You can also find her here: 

Twitter - @Rose_Siyaniye