Her in a Previous Life / she dances naked - Lou Graves


Her, In a Previous Life

She must have been a cat in a previous life; her eyes a strange balance of curious and cunning; her movement a kind of nebulous and graceful dance; her mind aloof and falling feather-like inwards and falling and cascading internally; the entire world an offering she would lay at your feet like a dead mouse.  Or perhaps she was a candle; lit and melting; her hair like a flame hovering over her pale skin; her voice as warm as melting wax; her light illuminating some dark corner in some room; her flame flickering and dancing with the shadows.  And seeing her now in the darkest corners of dark bars one can’t help but wonder if maybe, before all of this, she had been a pale mushroom which could grow only in the darkest parts of a dark forest; the effluvia of her juices enough to illuminate a kind of mirrored and stolen beauty through the madness and the haunting shadows of hallucinations and visions.  She is the only girl pretty enough to make me look up from my book.  Her mind a myriad of beautiful imperfections.  On her hands are the paint stains of yesterday’s masterpieces and she can walk a tightrope blindfolded without spilling a single drop of wine.

she dances naked

she dances 

naked like

a candle in the corner of

a dark room


with her red hair and her

freckles, and her

pale candle skin

catching the



and i sit in

the corner watching



i am the darkness in

one corner and she

is the

light in the other



naked like








About the Author

LOU GRAVES' recent work has appeared in Foliate Oak, Out of Our, The Write Room, and A.C PAPA. 

You can also find him here: http://lou-graves.tumblr.com