how to be in love - Sarah Brunkhorst

how to be in love - Sarah Brunkhorst


sing my name

in a bouquet of ten


a thousand songs.

don’t give it to me.

play it for the world.

scent them with your smile.

and give them my songs too.

pick them from my head.

pull them by the stems

and watch the ribbon

come through my follicles.

it will play the more you pull.

plant me a mixtape

I can dig up and digest.

tend a garden full

of your love songs for me.

and when winter’s white embrace

freezes the record in its tracks

please hum a tune

that sounds just like you.





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"I remember giving silly poems to my mom and grandparents to make them laugh when I was young and the feeling I had when I saw I had created a reaction in them is one I have never left behind. When I grew, it was into a quiet girl from rural Missouri, but through writing I have been able to make my way to anywhere on earth and share myself with anyone." - SARAH BRUNKHORST