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I should really go to the grocery store today, but I'd really rather fly over an apple orchard and gaze at an apple orchard instead. Which is funny, because I don’t even need any apples – they aren’t even on my list. Here’s my list:




Pancake Mix

Deli Meat

Fly! Fly! Fly!

Gaze At Apple Orchard


Stick to the Script


They say that it takes imagination to make a decision, 

like what shoes or tie to wear, but I think it even takes 

imagination to read the newspaper. For example: yesterday 

I picked up the paper and turned to the comics. 

Almost immediately, I started hallucinating.


Stick to the Script


They say that it takes imagination to be cynical. But I am not 

cynical, and sometimes I feel very bad about my imagination. 

It’s because I have too much or perhaps too little. And perhaps 

I am cynical, but then again, this would be a question of my 

imagination about my cynicism, and my awareness of myself, 

and how much I believe about what people say. I like to believe 

everything. That way I am not cynical. But then I believe this. 

And then I am cyclical. 


Stick to the Script


They say that it takes imagination to be kind. That’s not true 

but it is also beautiful and colorful. Like the colors you see in 

wild dogs, or paintings by them.


There are many ways to be blinded by coffee: you can drink too 

much of it (like the French writers once did); an angry person can 

throw a cup of coffee at you (like they used to in the movies); you 

can become coffee colored, and enter into a world that is colored 

by coffee (and more coffee); you can remember your love, gone all 

these years, who in the early morning, before you would awake, 

loved coffee so.


Sometimes I wonder if the wind that passes over a mountain 

produces a sine wave if its peaks are smooth and undulating 

or sawtooth if the peaks are rugged, sharp and irregular. 


And then I think of my dog Sawtooth - and how he loved 

to chase after cars and be petted behind the ears and bite people. 

I wonder if he is dead. It would make sense - I haven’t seen him 


in thirty years. As long as I don’t ask anyone I am sure that 

he will be fine and mine. I miss the feeling of a wavy wind 

on a mountain in front of me, a jagged mountain completely 

still behind me, with a dog at my side, his teeth like saws.







About the Author

RICKY GARNI is a graphic designer and machinist from Carrboro, NC. His work is widely available in print, on the Web and in a number of anthologies. He has received an honorable mention including five nominations for the Pushcart Prize. Some of his recent titles include: THE ETERNAL JOURNALS OF CRISPY FLOTILLA, MAYBE WAVY and THE SEA OF KICKING LEGS. JIGGLE FEST, a collection of short prose, which was released in December 2014. THE PINKIE EMBRACE was released in the summer of 2015.