An Attempt at Honesty / Phillip Marlowe and his Gay Friends - Frank Terry



Fine, let me say it and don’t

Forgive me, I am an atheist.


In past lives I had to give enough.

I had to become a priest

So I could learn to read,


I was a corruptor of men

And women and was burned

For loving the taste of Satan’s meaty cock

And spending night after night summoning her

To my cell just so I could spend hours

Sniffing the wisdom of her rectum,  


I lived in the desert without ever once

Letting a woman hold me with her breath

And was forced to die when there were no more insects to eat, 


I probably was killed because I believed in circles

Or else was beaten to death when I couldn’t 

Kill another man and was raped every day in prison

And denied the rite of eye-sight


The 21st century is a gift, to me, 

So the Church can go fuck themselves,

They have taken enough from me already,

I want to spend time on my Kindle reading

Sharon Olds.


Phillip Marlowe would have nothing against a gay man, 

He would joke with him and laugh and get drunk

And drunker and as drunk as they could get until maybe

They kissed a little, in fact the harder his gay friend got

The more he would like him. 






About the Author

FRANK TERRY was born in 1988; he graduated from The University of Iowa in 2013 with a BA in English literature. His poems have appeared in The Rio Grande Review, Yellow Chair Review, Rhino Poetry and Far Off Places. Frank believes in heavy metal and great vegan home cooking.