A Man is Still a Man by Kira Geiger


A man is a man even if

he is naked pulling you into the room

bare skin the pink of too-stretched taffy

back bent over porcelain ultra white

thick with moles, constellations

the wing the thorn the drooping bow 

eyes from the mirror

dark and panting

I don’t feel good help me please babe


A man is a man even as

he falls into the parabolic void

the un-space of an empty tub 

top heavy moving with his shoulders

the dull thud reminding everyone 

to stop and poke the casings

of their own umber wounds


A man is a man even when

he is mired in his own sadness

caked between the bedsheets

a crimson stain

suctioned to the surface of a great black mass

he tells you you’re the only one he can hear

and you have to eke the first verse 

or what you can remember

of a lullaby 

just to make him 

pick his head back up again





About the Author

Kira Geiger is a student at Florida Atlantic University, earning a Master of Fine Arts.