Annual Bones


This year she will be lovely

Thought the man with cheeks of leather

Fiercely kneading white clay

On a table that was worn and weathered


He snipped and tied wire

Rounding the clay precise

Molding a backbone

Hollowing her spine


The leather man ignited with pride

Stretching long legs

Rounding her breasts

Plumping and drying chemical flesh


His hands made love

While staining peach skin

For a perfect woman

He painted a red grin


Maybe in between her thighs

A freckle here and there

Basking in delight

Of choosing her hair


Through a stained window

A fly drifted on her wrist

The man gasped realizing

Her hands were too big

Stepping back for a glance

He cried out with shame

Hips similar to the last

An oddly shaped frame


Next year she will be lovely

The sun became dim

As he tore her apart

Limb by limb







Ashley E. Cox is a writer and published poet from Denver, Colorado, currently living in Los Angeles. She began writing poetry at the age of eight and twenty years later, learned how to turn her poetry into lyrics. In 2014, she co-wrote two songs for an upcoming record and is currently composing her first novel.