Every small town has an Eduardo,

the guy who beats off

on the bus-stop bench,

covering his one handed athleticism

with a woolen coat.

“There he goes again,” Lonnie says,

and the guys gather 

at the flower shop window.

“He needs a hobby,” Ron says.

“Seems content with the one he has,” Jim says.

The police come and scold him again.

Indignant, the women huff away

to the back of the shop

and laughed among the boxes and bouquets

made for lovers and guilty husbands.

Eduardo, poor silly man, 

publicly displays his dysfunction,

while Lonnie, Ron, and Jim

hide theirs in hotel rooms

not knowing 

the women laugh at them too.






Jenean McBrearty is a graduate of San Diego State University, and a former community college instructor (Political Science and Sociology). She received the EKU English Department's Award for Graduate Non-fiction (2011). Her fiction, photographs and poetry have been published in more than 80 e-publications and in print. Her mystery novel, "The 9th Circle" was published by Barbarian Books, and her Young Adult novels "Rapahel Redcloak" and "Retrolands" are serialized at Juke Pop, available on Amazon.