The Road to Elsewhere


The highway to ‘hail,


Hail Afghans all here,’



(“Give me your ears…”)



Is paved with good intentions and ‘IUO’s.’


On that yellow ‘book’ road, tell tales-where-banned



Men of lairs acclaim executive offense…


Come out of your pious lores, you liars.


But we’re all so right, we over weird, of the west wind…



Our shocked awe amazes


(“You, too …’brutal’?”)



We’re not in Kansas


Anymore, nor never were. Was?



A last ‘stand’ stammering


In that season--the dogs of Mars and a sheep’s head,



She slumps to the bleeding ground.*


Shot for All...





Can't we get a heart?






*Another woman executed by the Taliban






Daniel Wilcox has published a speculative novel titled "The Feeling of the Earth". He lives with his wife on the central coast of California.