Ensemble - Aquamarine Space Unicorns


Je regarde tes yeux

Au-delà des larmes égarés

Croyez que je peux tu guérir

Croyez que je peux te faire passer


(I look at your eyes

Beyond the lost tears

Believe that I can heal you

Believe that I can show you the way)










Tourne vers moi

Nous avons trouvé l'existence

Une vie tranquille

Jamais à quitter


(Turn to me

We found the existence

A quiet life

Never to leave)


Ne penses pas que tu peux cacher

Ne penses pas que tu peux voler

Mon amour va soulager tes douleurs

Pas besoin d'avoir peur


(Do not think you can hide

Do not think you can run away

My love will relieve your pain

No need to be afraid)



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About the Artist

JOYANNA M. lives in Seattle and writes fiction, poetry, and music. She also creates paintings and has published 'Paintings and Poems of Joyanna M.' Her 'Self Portrait' painting was selected as cover art for Wicked Banshee Press, The Devil's Doorbell: Vagina Edition and two other paintings were selected for the 'Noise' edition of Bombus Press. Joyanna produces music under the monikers 'Aquamarine Space Unicorns,' and 'Les Petites Merdes Sophistiques.'


You can follow her on Twitter at @joyanna1985 and read selected works online at www.joyannam.com.

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