Photo Images - Tobias Oggenfuss



About the Artist

"There are two key elements that pertain to my style of photography: the structural alterations of mass, undergoing motion, achieved by emphasizing rotational values to the camera at the very moment the shutter opens, using the available light as a brush. 

The result is a series of photos that have been bent, warped and swirled, but retain enough reality markers for all onlookers to identify with. This series that I have created exposes a world that occurs alongside of reality not from a far off dimensional plane that hampers the ability to identify with. 

The primary intent of these images has always been to address that we live and interact in a universe that is of much greater complexity than the testimony of what our senses can pick up on. It takes techniques and inventions for man to see the things that were always there but not detectable by our abilities to sense it. Just as the electron microscope uncovered a new world for science, this process of applied kinetics uncovers a new perspective for the world of the visual arts."

Tobias Oggenfuss was awarded a utility patent from the USPTO for a new lens technology for stillframe and video cameras which should be market-ready by 2016. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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